TransWest Express Transmission Line

TransWest Express Transmission Line

United States

June 2021 - TransWest Express LLC has issued an open solicitation for the initial capacity allocation process, awaiting statements of interest from potential clients. The round will aim to solicit interest for two primary long-term firm transmission service products -- an up to 1,500-MW Wyoming to Utah point-to-point service, and another for an up to 1,500-MW Wyoming to Nevada point-to-point service. Each of the two will provide transmission service from Wyoming to market off-take points in Utah and Nevada.

Key permits are secured, labor partnerships are in place and nearly all rights-of-way are acquired

The TransWest Express Transmission Project is a high-voltage interregional electric transmission system developed by TransWest Express LLC. The TWE Project is critical new infrastructure that will deliver electricity generated by renewable resources and will strengthen the power grid that serves the Western United States. For example, the TWE Project can reliably deliver cost-effective renewable wind energy produced in Wyoming to the Desert Southwest region (California, Nevada, Arizona), providing much-needed zero-carbon electricity to millions of homes and businesses every year (approximately 20,000 GWh/yr).

Wyoming’s high-capacity wind energy resources complement the Desert Southwest renewables, offering geographic diversity to help this region not only save money but also achieve GHG emissions reduction goals. At the same time, the TWE Project can transmit solar or other renewable energy generated in the Desert Southwest to the Rocky Mountain Region.

The 725-mile transmission line - 600 kV DC, 3,000 MW - is a step forward in Wyoming’s efforts to export wind power to California. It is the idea of Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz and became one of seven in the nation selected for fast-track federal permitting. The line will transport power from the giant 2,000MW Chokecherry and Sierra Madre wind project, following a path from just south of Rawlins to the southern tip of Nevada. The project will incorporate as many Wyoming generation projects as possible. EIS has been reviewed by the authority and open to public review for late June 2013.

April 2019 - The Wyoming state permit was granted after the Council found the transmission project complied with all applicable laws and regulations, and would not pose a threat to the environment or area inhabitants, among other key regulatory criteria. Project developer TWE LLC has additional commercial and regulatory steps ahead, but the remaining local permitting and right-of-way acquisition are nearly complete. Project construction is estimated to begin in 2020.

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