Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah Causeway

Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah Causeway


The main causeway or the Subiyah connection will be 36km-long, of which 27km will be a marine bridge connection. It will start at Shuwaikh in the Shuwaikh Port area on the southern side of the Kuwait Bay and end at Subiyah.

A signature element of the causeway is a main cable-stayed bridge featuring a 200m span and an arch pylon. It also includes an elevated road and 5km of access roads connecting to the Subiyah area. A free-flowing interchange at the port will link to Kuwait City's road network.

A visitor centre is planned to be built at the beginning of the causeway on the Shuwaikh side as a landmark.

"The city is being developed to renew the ancient Silk Road trade route between China and Kuwait."
The project also includes the construction of two 30ha artificial islands, which will feature traffic and emergency service buildings, maintenance facilities, gas station, and a boat dock. The islands will include a 23m-high navigation causeway and a 120m navigation opening for passing ships.

The 13km Doha connection will be a marine bridge structure with twin parallel decks. It will link the Shuwaikh Port with the Doha motorway, and help in reducing traffic congestion by diverting large trucks entering and exiting the Shuwaikh Port to the Doha road.

Both the main causeway and the Doha link will include two 30.6m-wide carriageways, with three lanes in each direction and an emergency lane on each side.

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