São Paulo Zoo & Botanical Garden

São Paulo Zoo & Botanical Garden


Concession of the public visitation area of the Zoo, Safari Zoo and Botanical Garden of the State of São Paulo including operation, maintenance and investments in enhancing equipments, environmental education and leisure with a vast potential for ancillary revenues. The farm located at Araçoiaba da Serra also is included in the concession to be explored by the private partner. Modernization of the area and equipments and construction of new activities.

Browfield 30 years concession

ZOO of São Paulo
Area: 843,000 m2 /2,149 animals
Annual Visitation: 1 million people
(shops, restaurants, attractions, educational and event spaces)

Area: 80,000 m2 / route: 3.9 km (2.4 miles)
(Tour can be done in own vehicle or in vans from the zoo)

Area: 40.4 hectares / Visitation area: 180,000 m2
Documented collections of plants for scientific research
Annual Visitation: 270 thousand people

The farm located at Araçoiaba da Serra also is included in the concession to be explored by the private partner.
AREA: 5 million m2 (built area: 2,100m2)

Capex of BRL359 million or US$ 66 million with an FX rate of R$5.42 per USD.

Minimum Investments (BRL250 million /USD47 million)

Zoo+Safari Zoo: BRL 190 million / USD 35 million
(Box Office; Safari; Cable Car; Parking; 4D cinema; Thematic Stores; Farm; Restaurants; Cafeteria; among others)

Botanical Garden: BRL 60 million / USD 11 million
(Parking; Box Office; Kiosk; Cafeteria; Ice-Cream Parlor, among others)

Next Project Steps:
February, 23 2021 - Auction
The Reserva Paulista Consortium won with a 132% premium and a grant of BRL111 million, to explore the São Paulo Zoo, Zoo Safari and Botanical Garden for 30 years.

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