Nevada Technology Corridor

Nevada Technology Corridor

United States

It is one of the goals of The Nevada Technology Corridor development to provide solutions for the missing middle of Western Nevada. These will include the establishment of Inland Ports at both locations and link them with a north-south rail line that provides both passenger and freight service and establishes the right of ways for broadband and natural gas. The creation of this connection will have major impact along the frontier corridor.

Establishment of two Inland Ports linked by north-south rail lines
 North – Fernley and Innovation Park
 South – Jean and Ivanpah Valley

Also, this linking strategy will enhance the two anchors, Innovation Park in the north and Jean, NV in the south. This connection will support additional economic growth ability for both centers. Additionally, it will also provide new economic growth for the entire corridor measured in high paying careers and enhanced economic impact to support essential services within the host counties.

Vision: North-South Linkage between Storey and Clark Counties for Economic Prosperity and Resilience

Mission: Leverage and expand the existing freight rail network that operates through Western Nevada and launch passenger rail as the core economic building blocks for this 400+ mile area

Strategy: Transformation of Nevada’s infrastructure for the missing middle of Western Nevada by providing essential economic building blocks

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