Medellín - Colombia: Towards Mobility As a Service

Medellín - Colombia: Towards Mobility As a Service


In 2020, Medellin, Colombia’s second-largest city, reached the highest ranking among Latin American smart cities, according to IMD’s smart city index. This position is primarily due to the contribution of its integrated transportation system, which is evolving and adopting a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) scheme.
The Integrated Transport System of the Aburrá Valley - SITVA is the set of public transport modes that allows metropolitan citizens to move around the ten municipalities of the Aburrá Valley. SITVA comprises the Mass transportation subsystem and the Collective public passenger transportation subsystem (TPC), providing a safe, efficient, and comfortable service to citizens.
The Mass transportation subsystem comprises the subway, cables, tramway, and buses running on preferential and exclusive lanes and feeder services.
The collective public passenger transportation subsystem (TPC) comprises bus routes with a municipal and metropolitan radius of action and the public bicycle system of the Aburrá Valley - Encicla.
Subway: in the Aburrá Valley, 31.3 kilometers of subway moves 800,000 people daily at an average speed of 37 km/h. The “Metro” began operating in 1995. Today it has two lines, 27 stops, and a fleet of 80 train units. The system has changed many lives since it gives time and quality of life to users.
Cable cars: the cable cars lines extend to climb the slopes of Medellín, and one of them is extended to take us to the Arví Park as a tourist attraction. There are 11.9 km of cables with 12 stops distributed in five lines and a fleet of 362 cable cars that transport 41,000 passengers daily. The city’s first cable was put into service in 2004, and nowadays, it is common to see many tourists who experience the cable system as a whole plan.
Tramway: it began its operation in 2016. It provides service with a single line of 4.3 km and nine stops traveled by a fleet made up of twelve streetcars that mobilize 45,000 passengers daily. The social accompaniment in its construction phase allowed the streetcar corridor to become an urban gallery, a route with memory that allows seeing, in addition to the landscape of the eastern slope, the murals and local gastronomy.
Metroplus: mobilizes 125,000 passengers daily on two lines totaling 26 km of route, has 48 stops served by a fleet of 30 articulated buses and 47 buses. Since the beginning of its operation in 2011, the Metroplus trips’ efficiency through the exclusive lanes has been evident. The upcoming connection with the Envigado and Itagüí systems is another step towards the complete integration of the system.
Feeder buses and integrated routes: organized by basins complete the system that understands how people move in the Aburrá Valley and facilitates their trips in terms of fares and efficiency. The system mobilizes 110,000 people daily, in 35 routes operated by a fleet of 302 40-passenger buses and 65 19-passenger buses that connect 1,033 stops in the Aburrá Valley.
Collective public passenger transportation (TPC): with a municipal and metropolitan radius of action, it comprises routes that pass through two or more municipalities within the Aburrá Valley Metropolitan Area. TPC is organized in niches that different transportation companies operate.
The public bicycle system of the Aburrá Valley - Encicla is a system with bicycles arranged in the public space for citizens to use and move between the stations of the same system.
Zero-emission means have a benefit in silence as an invaluable contribution. It is not possible to hear noisy engines or breathe as many pollutants in the Metro stations or cables. The user can listen to the natural sound of people walking, talking, greeting each other, and laughing. The reduction of emissions to improve air quality is significant. The contribution of the Metro alone is estimated at 500 thousand tons of CO2.

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