Jeju Smart Grid Demonstration Project

Jeju Smart Grid Demonstration Project

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The most noticeable plan in South Korea’s smart grid project is the construction of a Smart Grid Testbed on Jeju Island. The South Korean government selected Jeju, in June 2009, as the Smart Grid Test-bed, and broke ground in August 2009. Testbed is the very proof of a Smart Grid, the basis for a low carbon, green growth strategy. Therefore, this project demonstrates Korea’s aspiration for green growth. Jeju Smart Grid Test-bed will become the world’s largest Smart Grid community that allows the testing of the most advanced Smart Grid technologies and R&D results, as well as the development of business models. This Test-bed will also serve as the foundation for the commercialization and industrial export of Smart Grid technologies. It is expected to greatly contribute to strengthening Korea’s position as a leader in the global Smart Grid industry.This project is conducted with the participation of the Korean government, Korea Smart Grid Institute (KSGI), KEPCO, the Jeju Special Autonomous Province, companies joining the complex, Korea Smart Grid Association, research institutes, and academia. A total of 64.5 billion won will be injected between 2009 and 2013.

About 10 consortiums in five areas will participate in testing technologies and developing business models. The three strategic directions stated in the vision and goals of the Jeju Smart Grid Test-bed initiative clearly show the nature of a green-growth strategy embedded in this project. From the national standpoint, this project aims to raise energy efficiency and implement green-energy infrastructure by building eco-friendly infrastructure that reduces CO2 emissions. From the industrial standpoint, this project seeks to secure a new growth engine that will drive Korea in the age of green growth. And from an individual standpoint, this project is headed for low carbon and green life by enhancing quality of life through experiences of and participation in a low carbon, green life.

The Jeju Island smart grid project will focus on 5 themes:

- Smart Power Grid System: an intelligent and interoperable grid with automatic protection and recovery;

- Smart Place System: a communication system between a utility and its customers with automatic energy management to enhance energy efficiency;

- Smart Transportation System: a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles;

- Smart Renewable System: a renewable power generation infrastructure (from various energy sources) with large integrated power storage devices;

- Smart Electricity Service System: diverse pricing schemes and consumer power trading (new electricity services).

In the scope of theses themes, several initiatives were developed: in the Smart Place theme, rooftop solar power systems and smart energy meters were installed to allow citizens to monitor their energy consumption data in real-time; in the Smart Transportation theme, electric vehicles were deployed and battery chargers were installed; and in the Smart Renewables theme a series of wind power turbines, solar power systems, and a power storage system were installed.

As a final step in this project, South Korea is planning to build a nationwide smart grid estimated for completion by 2030.

- Improved Energy management;
- Improved Intelligent Transport Systems.

By 2030, South Korea aims to:
- Produce 11% of all energy from renewable sources;
- Eliminate around 230 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions;
- Create 50,000 jobs on an annual basis;
- Generate $64 billion worth of domestic demand for new technologies;
- Become a leader in the commercialisation of smart grid technologies.

By 2030, Jeju Island aims to become a carbon free island that generates power exclusively through renewable energy sources and that only uses electric vehicles.

Korean Government and a consortium of partners: SK Telecom, Nuri Telecom, LG Electronics, Hyundai Heavy Industries, and Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), among many others.

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