Installation of a Coker in the Tula refinery

Installation of a Coker in the Tula refinery


An investment of 2,640 million dollars will be made to complete the installation works of the coker plant in the Tula refinery with a view to achieving self-sufficiency in gasoline in 2023. In addition, Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) will renegotiate the contracts for the hydrogen plants of the Tula and Madero refineries, sold to private parties during the Peña Nieto administration, with a view to repurchasing them.

The CEO of Pemex, Octavio Romero Oropeza, reported the above in today's morning conference. Regarding the Tula coker, he pointed out that construction began in 2014, but construction was suspended in 2016. Now, President López Obrador has decided not to abandon the project, but to reactivate it to fulfill his promise on self-sufficiency in gasoline, he said.

Thus, the Tula coker, when operating, will process 90 percent of the fuel oil produced in Tula and Salamanca, in order to make the processing in those plants more profitable, since Pemex currently loses money in the processing of crude that becomes fuel oil.

By processing the fuel oil produced in Tula and Salamanca, 140,000 barrels of fuel will be generated per day, of which 42,000 will be gasoline, 78,000 diesel and 20,000 jet fuel.

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Installation of a Coker in the Tula refinery.

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