I-25/ University Ave. Project

I-25/ University Ave. Project

United States

The I-25/University Project is a multiphase mega project.The project will be constructed in six phases with some phases overlapping.

The Interchange will serve as a gateway into the community and NMSU.
Project Improvements will include:
- New University Bridge over I-25 to accommodate growth
- Triviz underpass under University Avenue connecting North Triviz to South Triviz
- Continuation of the multi-use Triviz Trail to the new NMSU trail system
- New exit ramp from southbound I-25 directly to NMSU beneath University Avenue
- Better local traffic flow through roundabouts merging traffic on both sides of the University/Triviz underpass
- New entrance ramp from NMSU to southbound I-25
- Roadway improvements to University Avenue from Triviz to Las Alturas to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles

Phased 1-6:

Phase I
Phase I has already begun construction in January 2020 will expected finish in April 2020.
Construction includes
- Build inside (left) shoulder of southbound I-25 lanes.
- Build retaining walls between southbound I-25 off-ramp and Triviz Drive
- Extend concrete box culvert (drainage structure) between Wells Street and Stewart Street
- Build Ramp C (new southbound I-25 on-ramp) from Wells Street to just south of University Avenue
- Begin building Ramp A (new southbound I-25 off-ramp)
- Build detour pavement from Ramp C and Ramp A to University Avenue
- Build a portion of Ramp G (I-25 northbound on-ramp) and northwest corner of Don Roser Drive and University Avenue
- Build replacement bridge on University north of existing bridge

Phase 2 April-May 2020
Install shoring (sheet piling at the Pan American Bridge)
Rebuild retaining walls
Build Ramp A detour to University Avenue
Build Ramp A
Build Ramp C detour
Build Ramp C

Phase 3 May- Sept 2020
Build detour pavement from Triviz Drive to new Ramp D
Build southbound on-Ramp D
Build southbound off-Ramp B
Build retaining walls
Build Phase 1 of Pan American bridge
Build a portion of University Avenue

Phase 4A and 4B Sept.-Nov. 2020
4A Construction:
Build southbound off-ramp A
Close I-25 southbound off-ramp A (detour provided)
Open I-25 southbound off-ramp A
Build a portion of University Avenue

4B Construction:
Build retaining walls
Build Ramp C to new University Avenue

Phase 4C November 2020- April 2021
4C Construction
Build Phase 2 of Pan American Bridge
Build Phase 2 of I-25 Bridge
Build a portion of University Avenue
Build southbound off-Ramp B
Build Triviz Drive south to south roundabout
Build Triviz Drive west from south roundabout
Build Triviz Drive west to north roundabout
Build Triviz Drive south roundabout to north roundabout
Build Triviz Drive north from north roundabout to end of project
Build Choice Hotels parking lot and driveway
Build northbound I-25 on-Ramp E
Build Triviz Drive west from University Avenue

*Latest Update: Construction Suspended For Two Weeks, From Nov. 18-Dec. 1, 2020 Due to Concerns about COVID-19; Expected to Resume December 2, 2020

Phase 5 April 2021
Build remainder of Ramp G
Build northeastern corner of Don Roser Drive and University Avenue

Phase 6 April-May 2021
Build medians on Triviz Drive and University Avenue

Phase 7 February- Summer 2021
Build final pavement on University and I-25
Install erosion control (riprap, irrigation system and seeding)
Install rumble strips
Paint all structures
Permanent signing and roadway striping

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