Hydrogen Cogeneration System (Hydrogen CGS) in the Kobe Port Island area

Hydrogen Cogeneration System (Hydrogen CGS) in the Kobe Port Island area


The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Obayashi Corporation announced successful technology verification, for the first time worldwide, of 100% hydrogen-fueled gas turbine operation with dry low NOx (nitrogen oxides) combustion technology. The key technology of this gas turbine is newly developed combustor component by Kawasaki, applying micro-mix combustion principle. Dry low NOx combustion technology improves the electrical efficiency comparing to the conventional combustion method: water injection, as well as reduction of NOx emissions.
Technology verification tests, supplying electricity and heat generated by the hydrogen-fueled gas turbine cogeneration system to nearby facilities in Kobe City's Port Island, started fall 2020. And hydrogen-based power generation operation stability with dry low NOx combustion technology, electrical efficiency improvement, and environmental load reduction effects will be investigated.

- I. Verification testing for operation of a hydrogen-fueled, dry low-NOx gas turbine
- Hydrogen-fueled, dry-combustion gas turbine operation verification testing
- Integrated energy management system verification testing (Obayashi)
II. Research toward a cold energy usage system ;joint research by Obayashi, Osaka
University and Kansai University

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Hydrogen Cogeneration System (Hydrogen CGS) in the Kobe Port Island area.

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