Harborview Medical Center Expansion

Harborview Medical Center Expansion

United States

Improvements at Harborview would include new construction and renovating existing buildings to increase critical health care capacity, update and expand infection control capability, and increase capacity for behavioral health services including for substance use and mental health treatment. It would also include seismic upgrades to help the buildings withstand earthquakes.

Harborview operates at almost 100 percent capacity daily, according to a supporters of the ballot measure. As a result, the medical center lacks surge capacity to address significant incidents or large-scale medical emergencies, and the older facilities are in dire need of improvement. On any given pre-COVID day, up to 50 beds (12%) were unusable because of the need for patient isolation procedures. COVID-19 has emphasized the need for Harborview to modernize its infrastructure to support responding to infectious diseases.

Medical Tower Building:

Increase surge capacity; meet infection control and privacy standards; new emergency rooms; disaster preparedness: $925M

Behavioral Health Building:

Expand capacity for behavioral health services and programs: $79M

Renovations to Existing Hospital Buildings:

Expand ITA Court, Gamma Knife renovations; renovate labs, Public Health TB, STD, MEO: $178M

Harborview Hall:

Create space for 150 respite beds including seismic upgrades: $108M

Center Tower:

Seismic upgrades for safety and modify space: $248M

Pioneer Square Clinic:

Seismic upgrades for safety and improve clinic space: $20M

East Clinic:

Demolish building: $9M

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