Floyd Hill Tunnel - I70

Floyd Hill Tunnel - I70

United States

The purpose of the project is to improve travel time reliability, safety, and mobility, and address the deficient infrastructure on westbound I-70 through the Floyd Hill area of the I-70 Mountain Corridor.

I-70 will be reconfigured with simplified curves, bridges, and walls to improve safety. At I-70 and US 6 the interchange will be reconstructed and improved. The project will maintain the existing westbound I-70 exit ramp and add a new eastbound I-70 entrance ramp. US 6 will be extended to the west. The new westbound alignment will be placed in a tunnel. The tunnel will be built next to the existing alignment, limiting traffic impacts during construction
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdzIkmiVJsM

The Floyd Hill highway segment is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains from the Denver metro area. Floyd Hill marks a physical transition in both landscape and land use as it rises out of the hustle and bustle of Denver urban edge and then drops into the quieter, clustered, mountain communities and natural ecosystems of Clear Creek.

The need for the project results from the following issues:

-High traffic volumes and limited capacity on I-70 in the westbound direction which affects regional and local mobility and accessibility
-Unreliable travel times and frequent delays due to traffic congestion on I-70 in the westbound direction
-Occasional severe weather conditions causing closure on the interstate which results in congestion, mobility and local accessibility challenges
-Safety concerns due to congestion, substandard geometry with tight curves, and steep grades
-Aging and deficient infrastructure
-Insufficient infrastructure for pedestrian and bicycle users between US 6 and Idaho Springs
-Lack of road redundancy and parallel routes between US 6 and Idaho Springs which hinders emergency response times in case of emergencies

Nov 2020 update: https://www.cpr.org/2020/11/19/cdot-winds-up-for-i-70-floyd-hill-rebuild-but-costs-remain-a-steep-climb/

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