Painted Rock Smart City and Innovation Park

Painted Rock Smart City and Innovation Park

United States

Upon learning of the passage and signature of Senate Bill 398, founder Jeffrey Berns recognized that Nevada understood and embraced blockchain technology. In 2018, Blockchains acquired 67,000 acres of land in Storey County, Nevada, for the purpose of building a better way. With our land, Berns envisioned a boundaryless, high-tech community in which the innovative technology companies, various businesses and retail establishments operating within, and the employees, along with their families and other residents, residing in the community, would prove out that technology can transform our lives for the better and truly empower everyone.

We aim to build the most advanced “high-tech” community and society for businesses and residents in the country. The digital economy – an ecosystem developed due to the digital transformations taking place across the globe – has transformed traditional processes and models, which has led to the rise of digital services and enabled people to more freely interact with these services. However, the transition into this new digital economy requires a new kind of system. That’s why we are taking a holistic approach when it comes to our land development project, where the infrastructure – both technological and physical – is designed to better the human experience.

Our software development is done with an eye toward future integration with our tech park and mixed-use community development in northern Nevada. Residents, businesses, governing bodies and public services within the community will require a foundation principled by privacy and secured access controls as well as general connectivity, transparency, and efficiency.

When most people hear the term “smart city,” they often think of smart devices, meters, and sensors; however, that only begins to skim the surface of how technology can service a city or society. We believe the integration of our product suite is where the full potential of a smart community, digital economy, and connected society can be realized.

As we think through the many services we use in everyday life, a digital identity with verified identifiable data attested by authorized third parties (such as government agencies or trusted institutions) can transform how we interact with government, financial institutions, healthcare systems, utility providers, transportation systems, to name a few, and ultimately, each other.

Blockchains said it is providing blockchain curriculum support to Nevada’s dually enrolled high school students to create a skilled junior blockchain developer workforce. It is also working with Nevada Industry Excellence and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to create a post-secondary Blockchain Certificate Programme through Nevada Technology Academy.

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