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Top GViPTV Videos For This Week

Top Projects for This Week

Aydin Denizli Highway

Aydın-Denizli Highway is one of the parts of the major highway network that will connect two major tourism cities in Turkey, İzmir and Antalya. .....

Lekki Deep Seaport / Tolaram Port@Lekki

A multi-purpose, deep water port at the heart of the Lagos Free Trade Zone, Port@Lekki will be one of the most modern ports, supporting the burgeoning trade across...

Icebreaker Wind

21MW Icebreaker Wind is a unique wind energy project - the first offshore wind facility in the Great Lakes, the first freshwater wind farm in North America, ...

Top Experts for This Week

Bouroujian has joined GViP!

Sosy Bouroujian, Project Manager at OCO Global is now on GViP. They are currently located in Richmond, United States

Carruthers has joined GViP!

Robin Carruthers, Director at Infrastructure Analysts is now on GViP. They are currently located in Chevy Chase, United States

Deniz Pala has joined GViP!

Serdar Deniz Pala, Analyst at Investment Office of the Presidency of Turkey is now on GViP. They are currently located in Turkey